Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dream a Little Dream: Romeo Gigli

Depending on the dress and my mood, I can travel to Morocco of the 1970s, or Paris in the 1950s when Yves Saint Laurent was the fragile boy genius at Christian Dior, or a watery runway in 1997 when Alexander McQueen showed his La PoupĂ©e collection.  I think people are drawn to vintage not only because of the quality but its Romanticism.  We "vintage people" are dreamers.  

Romeo Gigli was a dreamer too. He dreamt of Empress Theodora's Byzantine splendor and Piero della Francesca's virginal beauties.  He dreamt of pre-Raphaelites and Edwardian tailoring.  He dreamt of oval coats reminiscent of those of the turn of the century. 

I have just purchased a small but wonderful collection of Romeo Gigli pieces from the 1980s.  Here are the first two:

The first piece is this incredible and light charcoal black coat with a repeat cut out pattern on the hem.  Romeo Gigli liked to play with proportion: something oversized would have been worn a tapered, high waisted pant or an extremely clingy dark dress.  (I have one of those black dresses packed away!  Very dark Gothic, Morticia Addams.  One must not walk but waft when wearing it!

1980s Romeo Gigli charcoal black coat with cut out work.  Will fit a variety of sizes.

The second piece is this claret red top with an Impressionistic painterly floral pattern.  Would be gorgeous belted or just loose as it it.

1980s claret red Romeo Gigli top.  Will fit a variety of sizes.

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  1. Oh I hope you are able to post the other photos.

    Such a heartbreak that anything would interfere with his label. I know the story of him losing his name but not the why. It hurt him so.

    He and Azzedine and Giorgio St Angelo owned that moment, that transition form the Italian tailleur to fashion, sashay sashay fashion.

    My former husband and I bought Romeo and it did sell like hotcakes to all the cool girls. Miss the hard slashed necklines and skinny tight too long sleeves.

    He was so handsome too.



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