Monday, January 14, 2013

Pure Form: Elsa Peretti for Halston. Part Three. 1970s. A Single Owner Collection.

"I think what Halston and Elsa Peretti did was heat up their minimalism with hedonism and sensuality." Harold Koda Curator Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A scorpion, a bean, an open heart, a rattlesnake, a Mexican horse bit, a tear drop.  

A romantic, rollicking, tempestuous friendship with Halston and when the friendship ended,  Elsa Peretti threw a sable coat Halston had given her dramatically into the fire.

Elegant, rebellious.  

"I remember seeing The Treasures of Tutankhamun at the Metrolopitan Muesum of Art in the late 1970s and I thought of Elsa.  It was visually very different but emotionally the same - very personal, kind of like forever." Hiro

This is part three in a five part series on an exceptional sale of  1970s Halston that we are having on 1st dibs.  The Elsa Peretti for Halston collection.

1977 Elsa Peretti for Halston anchor belt

1974 Elsa Peretti for Halston belt

Elsa Peretti for Halston sterling silver belt.

Elsa Peretti for Halston Bone Cuff

Elsa Peretti for Halston Bottle Pendant

1977 Elsa Peretti for Halston rope belt
All items are available to purchase on our 1st Dibs storefront by clicking here.

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  1. Peretti jewelry is so beautifully inspired. You have an amazing collection of her work. I've come across a Peretti designed heartshaped, bathfoam, ceramic jar designed for Halston. So far I haven't found anything like it to get more information about it, including value.



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