Friday, May 3, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 1998: Stromboli Collection

My two absolute favorite Dolce & Gabbana collections are the Spring Summer 1997 China collection:

"This is one of our favorite collections.  It was Chinese with lots of brocades, but of course mixed with  our corsets, leopard-spot chiffon, leopard-spot lingerie.  Madonna wore all of this collection." 
Dolce & Gabaana

and the Spring Summer 1998 Stromboli collection:

"an important part of the collection was the mix: red and yellow plastic corset dresses, the mix of old and new: pinstripes, tulle and little butterflies as decoration." Dolce & Gabbana

and so when this 1998 corset gown with a long chiffon train and adorned with butterflies came to me, well dear RARE vintage readers, Mamma Mia!  I had to sit down and take a whiff of some imaginary smelling salts and loosen my Dolce & Gabbana corset!  Sadly!  It was too small for me and so with a heavy heart I sold it to a client... (you don't think everything I buy for RARE vintage, ends up in RARE vintage do you : )

Oh, did I mention I love the Fall Winter 98/99 Dior and Balenciaga collection too...

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