Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pre-Fall 2014 Favorites: Louis Vuitton

Sniff, sniff... Marc Jacobs has left the house of Louis Vuitton to focus on his namesake line.  I have always been a Louis Vuitton girl.  I found the quality of the pieces they produced to be demi couture and the production small.  As much as I love Celine, you see rows and rows of it in every store you go but with Louis Vuitton, its just a few pieces, in a few stores.  And not many people are buying it.  LV is more about the bags.  I have a very nice collection of Marc Jacobs LV tucked away in my closet and I know I will continue to wear them and my daughter will look forward to raiding my closet one of these days too soon.

So now we are in transition time; waiting to see what Nicolas Ghesquiere will do for his first collection in March - and I have no doubt that the LV ready to wear woman will continue to have special, beautiful, beautifully made pieces to choose from.  The one thing I worry about is that the collection will get even more expensive.  You may remember just how expensive the runway NG's Balenciaga pieces were...

In the meantime, Louis Vuitton presented its 2014 pre fall collection here in NY yesterday and it is just what I love about Vuitton but this collection was particularly wearable.  Is wearability a new trend?  

Hello Gorgeous!  Can I wear you every day?!

You are gorgeous too.  Are those net socks?  Part of the shoe??, where are the detail photos??

Day to night...

and for skiing in St Moritz and having a Bretzel at Hanselmann apres ski...

and for when you are feeling a little 1960s Balenciaga...

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2014.  Photos from

love, kisses and vintage,  Juliana

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