Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nan Kempner's John Galliano for Christian Dior 1997 Cheongsam

There is so much wonderful going on here: John Galliano's first ready-to-wear collection for the house of Christian Dior and the American bonne vivante Nan Kempner.  Although I would not normally think of the two together - Nan Kempner, was a famous client of Yves Saint Laurent, this John Galliano Christian Dior cheongsam was never the less in her closet.

So thrilled to have this for sale at RARE vintage!  From Nan Kempner's garde robe and John Galliano's debut collection for Christian Dior:

Tiny pearls, tiny buttons...

1997 John Galliano for Christian Dior cheongsam available for purchase at RARE vintage. or 212-581-7273

"Wrenching beauty... romantically sexy and beautiful... kept and cared for but jaded too... silent-movie gowns... dresses had tiny pearls sewn onto Mandarin collars... a sharp piece of workmanship..." 
Amy Spindler on John Galliano's debut for Christian Dior.

Spring 1997 Dior ad campaign:

and then Nan Kempner, the woman Yves Saint Laurent called "la plus chic du monde".

Nan Kempner.  Photos from WWD
Nan Kempner whose style and vast wardrobe was celebrated at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the exhibit, Nan Kempner American Chic:

"Fashion is an art.  When you look at paintings in museums, you see a reflection of how women dressed in certain eras.  A designer is as much of an artist as an author, painter or architect. Fashion design is, after all, architecture for the body.  Look at the work of Gres, Chanel, Poiret, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent."
Nan Kempner

love, kisses and vintage, Juliana

PS... I am ALWAYS looking to purchase early John Galliano and  Galliano Givenchy and Dior...

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