Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dior Couture Kicks

The Autumn/Winter haute couture shows will begin on Sunday and there will be the usual talk of the relevance of haute couture, etc, etc... 

I think fashion would be lost without the beauty and magic of haute couture and the few artists who remain creating the beadwork, feathers and flowers would be without a job and eventually those skills would be completely forgotten.  Not everything should cost $29.99 and be made in China...

With haute couture it is the outrageousness of it all, not just the costs but the amazing things that are done with cloth and thread.  You really see in this video, the making of the bead embroidered Christian Dior sneakers from Spring 2014 haute couture, the incredible craft that went into making these Dior kicks  - and I did not even like them in the show but then when I saw this video, I was in love!

love, kisses and off and running, Juliana

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