Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shocking! by YSL versus Madame by Chanel...

Two sides of the 1980s and two types of women.  One walks into the room and everyone looks at her confidently sauntering in wearing a shocking pink heavy silk blouse by Yves Saint Laurent.  She is voluptous (I am happy to say that this is actually not a teeny tiny 2! but a very wearable 8) and has on  a shocking pink YSL lipstick to match her blouse on her otherwise bare face.  She goes to the bar and orders a martini.  She is soon surrounded by admirers.

 1980s Yves Saint Laurent shocking pink blouse.. Modern size 8.  $450

Our other woman walks into the same room and everyone looks up at her too.  She is wearing a Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel blouse demurely buttoned to the throat with a neat attached scarf looped gently.  Her gilt buttons look vaguely astrological.  Her blouse is tucked into a slim leather skirt and she has on the highest, wickedest Christian Louboutins.  She goes to her table to meet her lover?  Her husband?  Her friend?

1980s cream Chanel blouse. Modern size 6/8. $550

Maybe our two women have more in common then we first thought... 


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