Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is This Love?

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L'amour fou.  Definition: mad love, obsessive love, crazy in love.  

A love story.  A story dealing with love and romance.  

Famous love stories:

Romeo and Juliet.  O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?  Is there a girl among us who hasn't uttered those words on a balcony real or imagined?

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.  Cleopatra was hot, Marc Anthony was hot.  'Nuff said.

Paris and Helena.  Paris burned for his love of the most beautiful woman, Helena.

Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara.  WTF Scarlett?  WTF were you thinking??  Were you out of your cotton pickin' mind?  Really? Ashley?  Duh!

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.  L'amour fou.

Love was a recurring theme in the work of Yves Saint Laurent and I find it to be a large part of the work of RARE vintage as well.  I Love what I do and I love the pieces I buy for the store.  And whenever I see a new piece, I think, is this love?

I want to love you and treat you right
I want to love you every day and night
We will be together...
In the immortal words of the great Bob Marley.

Love as celebrated by Yves Saint Laurent.  A jeweled compact and lipstick.  Both unused.  Both limited edition.  Love it.  For lovers and collectors.  And for looking lovely as an objet on a dressing table>

Yves Saint Laurent limited edition jeweled lipstick and compact.  


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  1. I think was a great post and so thorough, Richard Avedon, and Iconic Brooke Sheilds, and the famous Calvin Klein advertisement, and the beautiful Yves st. Laurent heart lipstick and compact, and done beautifully. I really enjoyed your post and I found it from the yves st. Laurent Heart lipstick photo. Very nice page you have. Great Prose. You know whats ironic, I've met Brooke Sheilds on several occasions and have chosen Jewelry for her , shes such a nice and beautiful soul, very kind and very sweet person in real life, she is a really nice person in real life. Which is very uncommon for child stars to grow up to be such a wonderful person as she is she really has a tender heart and a really beautiful spirit about her. And I have met a lot of celebrities due to my job, and she is one of the nicest that I have ever met.



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