Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sun Also Rises: Bob Mackie

One of my favorite things about my so called job (is it still a job if it doesn't seem like work??) is a phone call or an email from someone who has vintage.  It could be anything.  It could be something quirky (more on the quirky next week), it could be something magnificent, it could be something fun and fabulous, it could be something so beautiful it takes your breath away. It could be something historically important.  It could be about a collection of Madame Gres or Tina Chow (those rank pretty high on some of my most special RARE vintage moments).

I love not knowing what I will find but knowing it as soon as I find it.  I especially love being shown a collection that belonged to someone who obviously enjoyed fashion.  Someone who had an eye for special pieces.  Someone who loved whimsy and beauty.  I myself am drawn to beautiful and fun pieces.  Clothing is a part of enjoying life.  To me it would not be much fun to wear a grey boxy suit with a drab black handbag and sensible shoes.  I want to put things on that make me feel good, make me feel happy, or make me feel pretty.  Clothing is in a way a journal, a diary of our past and who we were and who we have become.  It is one of the reasons, I feel so honored when someone invites me into their home - you see the private and the public person.

So when I was shown this cropped Bob Mackie bolero it was a moment of  not knowing what I wanted until I saw it.  I definitely do not seek out Bob Mackie - Cher's aesthetic is just not my aesthetic - but never say never.  This piece besides being so much fun, is really beautifully crafted.  It has it all:  color!  beading!  embroidery!  but is has it all in a small jacket and if I was BeyoncĂ© or Rihanna, I would wear it with black tap pants and call it a fabulous day.  But since I am not BeyoncĂ© or Rihanna, I would wear it super casual with a slouchy tank and a pair of really old and much loved jeans.  And I would feel happy and beautiful.

Bob Mackie "Sunburst' Cropped Jacket



  1. long-time reader here, first time commenter! i'm not so much for cher's aesthetic, either - but mitzi gaynor's bob mackie frocks..... delicious!!! my dream is to see one of the nude beaded dresses she wore in her specials someday. sigh.

    and that is a KILLER jacket. another sigh. i'd love to be a fly on the wall of your showroom!!

  2. No need to be a fly on the wall: come on in! I would love to show you around! Thank you for your really kind comment! And whoa! Mitzi Gaynor in Bob Mackie - you know, I don't recall her in BM. It is always exciting discovering something new and I will take a look in Google to see if I can find some images of her. Hope to see you soon at RARE vintage!

  3. I hope you were able to scope out some Mitzi Images of her in Bob Mackie...They are such great pals...Although CHER is my fave, the Bob/Mitzi clothes have their own flair--the way Bob and Carol Burnett do..For me, it is another reason Bob Mackie reigns supreme...always pitch perfect...Oh did I mention...I AM GOING LOCO FOR YOUR GREAT WEBSITE!!! YOU RULE!! from mike



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