Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stephanie in Valentino Haute Couture

I am always so thrilled that the pieces I buy for RARE vintage go to the right person.  There is something that just clicks and we all know it immediately that the stars have aligned and a piece is a perfect fit for the client.   And I am really, seriously all about perfection - I don't want to see a client going out of RARE vintage looking anything less then amazing and beautiful ever.

And when a vintage piece, goes to its new home, it goes with its story.  Sometimes the story needs to be shrouded in mystery because the original owner wishes to remain anonymous - sometimes the story goes with the piece.  But its history continues to be built with each owner who thrills to the sight of it and the excitement of having it in her closet.

This is one such story...

A double faced daffodil yellow cashmere Valentino haute couture coat from the 1980s came to RARE vintage.  It  was then worn by Lady Gaga for her Thanksgiving Special.  And she even cooked a turkey in it!  

And then shortly afterwards, we received a ton of phone calls asking about the coat - but it had already found its new home with Stephanie.  

Stephanie wore it to the haute couture shows in Paris and made it her own by wearing a white fur hat and over the knee boots.  Stephanie and the Valentino coat had another moment in the pages of Vogue Japan.  Thank you Stephanie for looking so perfect in our Valentino haute couture coat!  

And FYI, Stephanie is not only stylish, sweet, funny and beautiful - very Alfred Hitchcock cool blonde - but she also has a website, The Collecte, which discovers and promotes new designers from fashion to home decor and you can visit it here

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