Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer is... Valentino and Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy has always epitomized summer style to me.   Easy glamour, windswept hair, a head scarf, a flat sandal, a bit of a ruffle and Valentino by her side.

Have you seen the book 'Un Mito nel Mito' (which translates as a myth within a myth)?  It is a small book of photographs by Settimio Garritano of Jackie Kennedy Onassis' holidays in Capri from 1969-1973.

And to me it is the Bible of Summer Style...

Summer is Jackie Kennedy Onassis in a turquoise headscarf and sunglasses:

Summer is Jackie in a ruffled skirt (I love this outfit):

Summer is Jackie in a flat sandal - and better yet, an Agnelli:

Summer is Jackie and Valentino in Capri:

Summer is a turquoise Valentino silk skirt with a bit of a ruffle and a white tulle top trimmed with white beads which give the illusion of coral:

Just add your favorite sandals and a big ol' pair of sunnies and voliá!  Jackie style!

Valentino turquoise silk ruffle skirt, white tulle beaded top.  Size 6.  
Only available at RARE vintage.
Please email or phone 212.581.7273 for more information.

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