Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Duchess of Windsor's Cartier Cats

I love this photo of the Duchess of Windsor taken at the opening of the Lido Revue in Paris in 1959.

She is wearing quite a bit of major jewelry but somehow it all works and does look like too much.  The dress with its tight lace bodice and her hair are all a perfect frame to highlight her jewelry.  On her right arm is a stunning Cartier tiger bracelet that the Duke of Windsor bought for her from Cartier in the 1950s.  

The Duchess of Windsor's Tiger Bracelet and matching brooch were sold in 1987 to Andrew Lloyd Weber who bought them for his then wife, Sarah Brightman.

I don't think they look quite as good on Ms. Brightman as they did on the Duchess of Windsor.  The tigers look a little sad, a little lost on Ms. Brightman.  The Duke of Windsor had a good eye and knew what suited his Wallis.  Now, they are set to go to auction in Geneva in November at Christies.  

I hope the tigers come to New York for a visit before the auction...  

xo, Juliana

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