Saturday, March 28, 2009

Printemps-Eté 1954: A Christian Dior Ball Gown

There are certain pieces of fashion history that are rarely seen outside of a museum. They also rarely turn up for auction. So the opportunity to own a truly magnificent gown that represents the best work of a designer's career is even rarer. All of this is suddenly sounding very RARE vintage!

Christian Dior is well known for his spectacular early ball gowns which are the ideal of beauty. Their grand silhouettes recall the opulent style of historical France. A gown, that through a half open door, a man would hear the rustle of a silk dress as Prince Andrei does in Tolstoy's War and Peace.

This Christian Dior haute couture ball gown from 1954 is as timeless and classic and beautiful now as it was fifty-five years ago. It is strapless, showing neck and shoulders, with an emphasis on a small waist. The back reveals an extravagantly bustled gathering of the skirt. There is a double layer of red net underneath the black dotted red chiffon. Christian Dior was famous for using polka dots of different sizes and colors. And, of course, an interior corset to tighten the waist, lift the bust and outline the hips.

If you saw the Christian Dior show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1996 and it left you feeling intoxicated, giddy and dreaming of being able to wear one of those gowns, this is the dress for you. If you were bewildered and a little envious of Mrs Bryon C. Foy who seemed to have owned every single spectacular ball gown in the exhibit, well, then this is the dress for you.

If you are looking for a masterpiece, the ne plus ultra for your vintage collection and a ball gown that is modern and timeless and that will make you feel and walk like a princess, then this is the one.

1954 Christian Dior haute couture ball gown.

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