Tuesday, March 3, 2015

F.R.S. (For Restless Sleepers) by Francesca Ruffini

F.R.S. is an acronym of, For Restless Sleepers, and is a new line of pajamas by Francesca Ruffini.   They not only look super comfy but they are also super chic.  Because my little dumplings, girl can not live in Lululemon alone.  

All of the fabrics: crepe de chine, cloquĂ© lame, duchesse satin... are from Como and are exclusive to F.R.S..  

But you know what is truly brilliant is the cut of F.R.S. - the pajama bottoms have a little flare, have a soft fit and are cut above the ankle - nothing makes a pajama sexier then when they are cut above the ankle (and nothing makes a pajama look dumpier then when they go past the ankle and down to the floor).

I also love the colors, the piping and the materials... a few of my favorites:

I really love all of these pjs but these below are my favorite and nice enough to wear out...

F.R.S. by Francesca Ruffini.  Photos from Style.com

nightie night, Juliana

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Prada Fall 2015 is very Queen Paola of Belgium

Prada's Fall 2015 collection reminds me of the very fabulous Queen Paola of Belgium in the 1960s with her neat little suits and flower brooches...

and Prada Fall 2015...

xo, Juliana

Was Beyonce wearing Bunny Mellon's Cartier Riviere Necklace?

Was Beyonce wearing Mrs. Bunny Mellon's diamond riviere necklace at the Vanity Fair Oscar party?

I know the necklace has been credited as a Lorraine Schwartz piece, but the similarity is striking and I am inclined to believe that it is the 1948 Cartier riviere from the Sotheby auction last November.  The necklace sold for $2,797,000...

xo, Juliana

A special thank you to a very savvy reader of the RARE vintage blog, who pointed out that Bey was most likely wearing Mrs. Mellon's necklace...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Schouler?... Schouler?... Schouler?...

Proenza Schouler's Day Off ended up at the former home of the Whitney Museum with a parade of really interesting clothes, the kind that get you get excited about shopping and I just wanted to say 'Danke Schoen' because American fashion is too often a slightly watered down version of what started in Paris last season with no strong independent look - at the moment anyway.

I have been a long time fan of Proenza Schouler's light, slightly sheer tees in a multitude of tye-dye colors, short sleeves, long sleeves, I have stripes, squiggles... and just a note here: the care label on the tees read 'Dry Clean' so I think to myself, well, they are cotton, I am going to wash them at home... a long sad story cut short, my 12 year old daughter has a lovely collection of my now too small Proenza Schouler t-shirts.  I just picked up my latest group from the dry cleaners : )

The whole collection was brilliantly styled with wide, gaping fishnets and the clothes were slashed and draped around the body.  There were grommets, fur, sequins and it was all wonderfully wearable because yes, life should have grommets, fur and sequins for some fun.

A few of my favorite looks:

Proenza Schouler Fall 2015.  Photos from style.com

xo, Juliana

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I Hate Socks, I Love Socks

I am the Goldilocks of socks.  They are either too tight, too scrunchy, too big, too thick, too thin...  I have some shoes too that like to eat socks until all that is left is an uncomfortable bunch around my toes.  But I have a definite little sock crush going on with Prada's spring 2015 color block socks with bands of floral inserts and Cuban heels.  They have a sexy sheerness and nerdiness to them all at the same time.

Prada Spring 2015 socks.  Photos from style.com

sock it to me, Juliana

Friday, February 20, 2015

NYFW Bitter Cold Street Style 2

When the temperature is hovering around the low single digits in New York and it is fashion week, you do not want to go to the shows looking like this:

because it will take you a good hour to defrost and by then the show will be over.  You want to look like this:

and if you don't have some hot wheels for your ride, then you can try this:

and I know my Mamma done told me that you "lose most of your body heat through your head, so wear a hat!"  I think this girl looks super chic - even if she does have a cold head : )

stay warm, stay stylish and Gaye from Little Augury, this one was for you : ) Juliana


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