Thursday, October 8, 2009

Put a Little Glamour in your Beanie!

One of the images that made an enormous impact on me when I was younger was this 1988 Vogue cover of a model wearing an extravagantly beaded Christian Lacroix jacket with a pair of low slung jeans.  Her hair was natural and effortless with a bit of wave like she just got back to New York from a beach holiday and threw on the most extraordinary piece of Lacroix.  She was probably wearing ballet slippers or even better, a pair of Converse!  It was a very inspiring image for its glamour and whimsy.  

This is the image that flashed back to me when I discovered this incredible beanie with jeweled stars.  It has all the insane glamour of the 1980s and of Christian Lacroix.  

Circa 1988 Christian Lacroix jeweled star beanie.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273


  1. That is a really gorgeous cover. I love fashion images with models actually smiling ... they seem so rare these days. Beautiful clothes do bring us joy.

  2. You know, I did not realize that until you pointed it out. But yes! that is absolutely true, we don't see a lot of expressive, joyful images like this anymore. I know that I would have the same smile if I was wearing that jacket!



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