Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Beautiful Moment

Love is always the motivating factor behind what I decide to purchase for RARE to add to our collection and to our client's collections.  Fashion is a visceral art and the response is usually very emotional.  Remember all of the people weeping in the Valentino documentary, The Last Emperor?  I've gotten choked up many atime when I have seen something irresistibly beautiful that beckons like a Siren even if following that call may mean ruin.  How much did I spend last month?!  No, certainly it wasn't THAT much?!  Oh, yes it does all add up...  but it was so beautiful... it was the only one... That is fashion design at its most brilliant and its most irresistible. 

It was love at first sight when I saw this Michaele Vollbrach painterly ensemble with the striped silk halter top.  

The print is beautiful, romantic, bohemian.  The striped halter makes it a little edgy.  It looks like something a model would wear on her day off.  With the ensemble, I was given a couple of Michaele Vollbrach look books and loved these images of the stunning Carmen. Really, isn't this the moment we would all LOVE to have?!

Details on the Vollbrach ensemble:

The girl with the black bow and the red lips: 

Michaele Vollbrach silk ensemble.


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