Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bonnie Cashin Says Be Warm and Cozy

You know how your mother is always telling you that you are never dressed warmly enough?  Mothers all over the world are still reeling from the fashionista trend of going out in the middle of winter with bare legs and strappy sandals (and oh no!  Is it because I am a mother that I too abhor the trend?!  Yikes!  Must remember not to be too motherly!).

Well, Bonnie Cashin wanted to keep us warm and cozy in the winter too.  Just take a look at Cashin's own sweater collection:

So whether you are here in New York and getting ready for our second snow storm or off to St. Moritz (one of my favorite places to ski and eat: Bretzel from Hanselmann's anyone?!) or even if you were in not so sunny Florida over the holidays, I bet you wished that you had this toasty hat and scarf from Bonnie Cashin.

Of course being practical does not mean you can not still be fashionable which was inherently important to Bonnie Cashin.  A beautiful evening gown?  That is almost like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel.  But interesting day wear?  Much more challenging.

Early 1970s Bonnie Cashin wool hat and scarf in shades of camel, ochre, rust and mocha.
Please note that the hat and scarf are only sold together.
They have stayed together this long and it would be a shame to separate them!
(The sweater is sold separately)

Wear your strappy sandals in the dead of winter if you must but your Mamma from RARE vintage says keep your head warm (you can loose as much as 50% of your body heat going hatless - so says the Doctor from RARE vintage (I wear many hats ☺!) in this hat and scarf from Bonnie Cashin!  


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