Tuesday, August 28, 2012

120 Years of Vogue: Anna Wintour's First Cover

A look back at Vogue and the archive of RARE vintage...

Anna Wintour's first cover as Editor in chief of Vogue

was a very American mix of haute couture and the street.  It was high and low before anyone thought Mon Dieu! you can wear an uber glamorous, heavily embellished, old world jacket with that staple of weekend casual and comfort: the jean.  And look how happy the model Michaela Bercu looks!

The Lacroix jacket on the cover of Vogue is one of the holiest of all of the Holy Grails I am on a constant quest for RARE vintage.  This is the closest I have gotten so far... and so far so good.  Stay tuned... 

Please note this piece has sold.

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