Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Life of a Dress...

One day, on the Yale campus in Connecticut, I went to see a collection and to hear a little bit about the collection and the adventures of the woman who had purchased the dresses, blouses and gloves I was looking at.  It was not so easy to let go of the dresses that had traveled with her to Paris, London, India and had kept her company as a young working woman in New York.  But she knew it was time. 

We buy clothes that we are excited to buy - you know that feeling of obsession - the happiness in bringing something much desired home, that quiet moment when you try on your new purchase in your bedroom and then it goes in and out of your closet as you go about your life.  You may kiss, you may fall in love, you may have an important moment at work, you may go for a delightful lunch or read a favorite book while wearing your favorite dress.  And those memories imbue the dress with something special.

And then it is time, time to let the dress go.  

I go to see the dress, fall in love too and it comes to RARE vintage, waiting for its new home.

Then someone comes in and she too falls in love and the dress goes on to its new home and to its new life.

This is the life of a dress.  And here is the new life the dress goes on to.  Julia Restoin Roifeld in a 1970s John Anthony dress from RARE vintage.

(and by the way, Julia in her John Anthony was Vogue UK's best dressed for the week of 7/27/12!!)

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