Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Oh So Fabulous Anna Piaggi 1931-2012

"I always treated my dresses with a fond nonchalance, sense of freedom, mixed with great affection, lightness and contradiction. 

Really I had a wonderful time wearing what is in this auction (and much more else!) and I dream to be able to pursue on of my favorite roles, the 'squatter', even inside museums... I hope that wherever my dresses will go, they will infuse my enthusiasm and love for fashion.  

The question is: Now what shall I wear?" Anna Piaggi on the 2009 sale of pieces from her museum worthy wardrobe at Christies in South Kensington.

We lost a true fashion adventurer today.  Anna Piaggi died at her home in Milan at the age of 81.

At Karl Lagerfeld's Venetian ball in 1978, Piaggi wore a Fortuny dress and a wicker basket on her head filled with seaweed, crabs and pigeons.

Karl Lagerfeld liked to draw Anna Piaggi in her everyday clothes: "huge crinolines of operatic costumes, supported by hoops and underskirts, are intended to be worn chiefly in my secret, daily life, particularly in Paris" said Piaggi.

"Cooking in crinolines doesn't bother me at all.  It makes me happy.  Clothes have always been a very good pick me-up, a psychological enjoyment for me." Anna Piaggi

Anna on buying vintage clothing: "I became very much a kind of Salvation Army person, a Florence Nigtingale: I love to save clothes and look after them."

All photos from Tumblr
The world will be a less colorful place without you.

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