Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Channeling Chic: Catherine Deneuve in YSL Silk Scarf Blouse

I saw this fantastic photo of Catherine Deneuve in a graphic striped silk Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche blouse on Habitually Chic and it made me swoon all over again for the classic staple of the YSL wardrobe.  I think tomorrow I will channel CD in YSL and wear one of my beloved YSL silk scarf blouses, bowed at the neck and maybe even a big swoop in my hair. 

Saint Laurent designed an infinite variety of silk blouses: some with scarves, some without, some in a deep blue, some in an ever so slightly lighter shade of blue - it's was so interesting when we had a large collection of YSL blouses and we lined them up by color - it was like a pantone color chart in silk - some blouses buttoned down the front, some buttoned on the side, the variety and colors seem endless.  And YSL silk stripes at RARE vintage...

For more information or to purchase please email or phone 212.581.7273

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