Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Melee or My Most Excellent Hubby!

This morning my most excellent husband woke up at dawn, downed a coffee and headed over to the largest Target on the North Shore of Long Island to get me a Missoni for Target bicycle.  This is the story of the Missoni melee that ensued.

Husband wakes up at 5:30AM.  Big Boss Wife (aka Juliana Cairone aka me) demands he gets there early so Big Boss Wife can get a Missoni bicycle with basket.  The wife HAS TO HAVE  the bicycle.  She also demands the stack of cappucino cups with Missoni print and a few things for their daughter Arabella.  

Location: Target.  Westbury, Long Island.  And he is the first on line!  Excellent!

Terror ensues:  The nice ladies behind my husband in line tell him the bicycle is only available on line!   Husband thinks WTF?!!

Fortunately with powers of a Superhero, said husband whips out his I Pad, the stars align and he is somehow able to get on line and actually order the bicycle from target.com.  

Ladies in line, bat eyelashes and he gallantly lets them order away too from target.com on his I Pad.

Tragedy:  Above mentioned ladies were awake at midnight trying to order without success.  A girlfriend of mine was up at 4AM trying to order the bicycle.  No luck.  Target.com crashes after above missions were somehow miraculously done.  I have my confirmation from Target that the copper print bicycle was ordered and will be mine.

The Melee:  The doors open at 8AM.  The crowd walking quickly, then jogging, then sprinting makes a run for anything they can their hands on.  There is yelling, fighting, grabbing.  Husband, very shocked, jogs quickly over to the Missoni home collection.  There are two - exactly two - sets of the cappucino cups.  One woman has them both.  Husband thinks WTF! knowing Big Boss Wife really really wanted those cups.  He bats his eyelashes.  Mission accomplished.  He gets one set of the cups.

Exactly 14 minutes later the shelves and the store is completely out of the Missoni collection.  Husband overhears one of the employees saying that it was worse then Black Friday. 

and 14 minutes later the cupboards were bare:


  1. oh my goodness! I don't think I have the patience for that but your husband sounds adorably chivalrous and congrats on scoring some stuff.

    The hysteria is still a bit incomprehensible regarding the designers for discount limited edition things.

  2. Only a TRUE KNIGHT with shiny IPAD who loves his beautiful fairytale family would suffer the drama of a Le Terror de Missoni and slay the heathens to get to the holy grail!

  3. What a husband, what a husband!!!!!!!!!!



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