Monday, March 2, 2009

The Dream Gown

A few years ago we saw Natalia Vodianova at a party in New York wearing a very voluminous dress. It was yards and yards of fabric that cascaded away from her body. Although there was nothing form fitting, you could see hints of her body through the filmy fabric and it was extremely sexy.

In the late 1970s French designers and magazines embraced a glamorous bohemian type of dressing. Part ethnic chic, part languor and part soft dreamy gowns look really good with my enormous structured hair.

This unlabeled haute couture dress, which is attributed to Christian Dior, is a dream gown. The pale dotted chiffon has gently twisted shoulder straps with flowing scarves that float away from the shoulders. The back dips down erotically. It is also weighted so that it hangs beautifully. You may not want to do a literal version of the 1970s giant up-do but we do think that having your hair up is a must so you see that deep dip on the upper back of the dress. And if you can arrange for a soft summer breeze so that the chiffon floats around your body and there is the light of a full moon to capture the soft lumious color of the dress all the better! What is fashion after all without a little fantasy...

1970s haute couture gown attributed to Christian Dior.

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