Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Future Is Now

In 1965 when André Courreges bared womens knees there was quite a controversy and then a quick embracement of the new youthful silhouette. It seems so quaint now that knees could be shocking especially since we have all been exposed, willing or not, to the nether regions of a few tabloid fodder girls.

Courreges' dresses still look so modern and fresh and part of that is because they were so beautifully tailored. They are crisp, clean and sleek. How amazing would this 1960s mini dress with a white leather belt look with a pair of flat nude colored sandals this summer?! We also love the look of this dress with its empire waist. This is the just the beginning of a significant collection of Courreges from the 1960s that we recently acquired so be sure to check back often.

For more information about this item please email info@rarevintageinc.com or call (212) 581 7273

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