Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dream a Little Dream: The Great American Couturier: Galanos

It's that time of year again when the feathers fly, the lace ruffles and the chiffon flutters.  It is that time of year where everyone runs around like crazy trying to get yards and yards of duchesse satin twisted into  a Charles James-esque ball gown.  It is that time of year when you hear the Seconde d'Atelier tell the petites mains, "you're all old ladies, and you still don't know how to handle yourselves."  That is a great line from the great documentary, Valentino: the Last Emperor! But then somehow, it all comes together:

Hellooo beautiful!

Where had you gone, Josephus Thimister?

Joltin' Josephus Thimister returned with a very beautiful collection, especially the men's pieces.  The show was moody, moving and dreamy.  My favorite look was the one above where it looks like you are wearing your boyfriends great coat with big cuffs, paired with a ball gown skirt.  I love that you can wear the great coat with a pair of jeans and a tank top as well as with a shimmering pleated evening skirt.  Well, why not?

Down Mexico way, that's where I fell in love...

This photo from Style.Com says it all.  Very Gaultier.  Very Millicent Rogers in New Mexico.  I am feeling a sudden urge to break out my old Stephen Dweck turquoise jewelry  and have a margarita. Just setting the mood!

The Snow Queen

I know that this was the Spring 2010 haute couture show but in frosty and frothy shades of silver, mauve and ice it could be what a Snow Queen would wear for a cold vodka in an Ice Hotel.  Love the hair!  Ahh but Lara Stone looks beautiful!  Some of the girls somehow seem a little too thin to carry the weight or the lightness of couture but Lara looks amazing.

 Homegrown Couture

I am very happy to be able to offer this extraordinary cocktail dress from the Master of American couture, James Galanos.

It is sophisticated and sexy. Chic and a little naughty.  Oh, Mr Galanos you've been a very naughty boy!

I am sure everyone knows that Galanos used the very best fabrics from France and Italy.

There are three wonderful textures at play in this dress:  the softly gathered silk on the bottom of the dress , black lace and panels of a deep bluish black slightly puckered, slightly futuristic fabric sewn into the lace on the front.

Timeless by Galanos.

Black silk and lace cocktail dress by Galanos.  Size 6. $2200.


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  1. Wow, I never would have guessed that the dress was designed by Galanos. It seems so not his style.



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