Monday, January 4, 2010

I Dream of Lady Amanda Harlech

Yes it is true.  I actually dreamt of Lady Amanda Harlech last night.  What does it mean???!  In my dream, she was as beautiful and as stylish as she is in person.  She had on a sort of a lace skull cap with two black silk camellias attached to it.  Maybe it is because I have been in thermals and snow boarding pants for over a week now that I am dreaming of someone in black chiffon and lace.  Someone who likes to wear evening dresses during the day.  Someone who wears tattered dresses from the 1930s and Chanel couture. Ahh...

One of my favorite images of Lady Amanda Harlech in ivory John Galliano, a leather jacket and black tights.   

I think this Chanel gown in fluttering black silk chiffon is fit for the heroine of my dreams.

The hem is short in the front and trailing in the back.  There are layers of chiffon, delicately embroidered on the bodice.  It can be worn with or without its fitted in the arms, flowy beaded cuffs jacket.  

I think the jacket would look beautiful worn on its own too with a pair of leather pants from The Row.  I love all of the great basic pieces from The Row.  I just bought a white tank that is lower in the back and the fit is just perfection.  I have not wanted to take it off.  

This gown is exquisite and romantic.  Perfect for dancing in a dacha on a snowy evening or for an event in Manhattan.  Wherever your life takes you...

Early 1980s Chanel silk chiffon embroidered gown.  Size 4/6.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273


  1. Lady Amanda is one of my style icons... in fact, I aspire to be like her in a lot of respects. :)

  2. Never mind Lady A, I would suit this ha ha! I just adore the little capes so much!

  3. Hi Pearl,

    Me too! My first and still favorite little cape is an ancient one from Helmut Lang. It is a pale pink organza super hero cape if you can imagine!!



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