Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Heart Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

Because woman can not live by vintage alone and because a good man may be hard to find but a great ready to wear collection is even harder to find, I am ending the week that was New York Fashion Week with a belated Valentine to a good man, Marc Jacobs,  who presented an absolutely incredible collection of  actually, totally wearable day clothes.

Be Mine

This coat will be mine.  So, don't even think about telling me that it is not being produced and was only for the runway!  I still have not gotten over a gorgeous Louis Vuitton silk flapper inspired dress that I knew would be my perfect every day dress until I found out it was not being produced.  Cruelty thy name is Marc Jacobs!  (I am obviously still working through some issues here!)  But here is the coat of my dreams:

Sweet Talk

This collection whispered in my ear sweet nothings about the wardrobe that Faye Dunaway would have worn in Bonnie and Clyde.

It whispers, Faye would have worn this with silk tap pants and a garter belt. It whispers, yes!  you can have your Bonnie Parker dream wardrobe.  Now, if I could just get those red lips from Chinatown...

It also says these are skirts you can wear with an actual panty instead of just a tanga (which is the cute Italian word for thong).   I love a good tanga but sometimes you just want to be, well, ahem, a little more comfy.  That is a problem with extremely short skirts.  The other day when I was having a pedicure, I had a full view of a girl's behind when she bent down to get something out of her bag.  It was a very nice behind but I think that you should be able to pick up something out of your bag without sharing everything.

You Frock!

In a granny boot:

In a little daytime gold:
In something sweet:

In something with wonderful details:

One of my favorite blogs that I obsessively check every day, yes, every day!  But you will too if you don't already because she has an amazing eye for unique and stylish women and her writing is witty, amusing and I look forward to reading her blog as much as I enjoy looking at all of the photos.  It is the blog of Garance DorĂ©.  Garance just posted a video of the front row at the Marc Jacobs show which you can see on her site, .  Enjoy!  And if you have not been to her blog before be ready to spend hours looking through the archive!

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