Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Chanel Chain Gang

The Voice Over:

In a world... (don't you miss the voice over guy from movie previews?!)  where being chic and stylish was a crime, Coco was given five years of hard labor.  But Coco was no ordinary prisoner.  Much to the chagrin of the prison Warden, Coco was able to take her standard issued prison uniform and turn it into something extraordinaire!  The other prisoners were soon imitating little Coco's sartorial concoctions.  And what made the Warden even more furious, is that the guards were too.  The Warden decided to get her revenge by assigning Coco to the chain gang.

Of course, Coco being a resourceful and practical type designed her oversized jeweled chain belt to look heavy but actually be very light.

The Warden was furious and plotted her next move all the while desperately desiring little Coco's chain belt...

Circa 1991 Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel jeweled oversize belt.

Price available upon request.

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