Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Classic: A Chanel Gilt Chain and Leather Belt

So I will try again.  As a part of our RARE vintage Chanel triptych here is a wonderful, classic and timeless Chanel belt.

I think the reason why everyone loves Chanel accessories so much is because they can do so many things.  Firstly, anything Chanel makes you feel good.  I remember my first Chanel purchase, an incredibly beautiful voile top in two pieces trimmed in lace with, oh joy!, a little hard CC plaque on the blouse (but very discreet: ivory on ivory).  It was actually something that I had seen in the magazines and desperately wanted and waited and waited for it to go on sale and when it did,  grabbed it.  I was incredibly happy and went home skipping on the air of Chanel clouds!

Now, I know that Karl Lagerfeld thinks that sale merchandise should be in a separate store so that people who buy sale don't have the full Chanel experience and don't mingle with the clients who pay full price.  (This is from a scene in The September Issue) Oh well.  It certainly did not sound very good when he said it and I thought Anna Wintour looked embarrassed but in a way I understand what he is saying.  But then again buying that first piece meant so much to me and part of that was being in the store and walking out with the shiny black and white Chanel shopping bag.

Back to our belt.  What will it do for you?  It will make you feel good, it will go with just about anything, it works in every season.  It has a dangling coin with the profile of Mademoiselle Chanel on it, what more could you want?!  Besides a little more Chanel...

1980s Chanel Belt

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