Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Most Beautiful and The Saddest Dress on the Planet

Beauty.  Purity. Tragedy.

Those are the words that I would choose to describe Alexander McQueen's last collection.  It feels as if he placed the dresses in the gilded salon where they were shown, closed the door of 18, place Henri-Bergson and that we can hear his footsteps creaking on the parquet as he leaves the maison particuleur and our lives.  It feels as if he is still here but yet gone.  It feels as though he has left on a voyage.   It feels as if we still believe the earth is flat but Alexander McQueen knew the earth was round and there were things to be discovered that we had not dreamt of.  This is where he has gone.  We are left to imagine, what he will do, what might have been.

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