Thursday, April 8, 2010

An AMAZING Donald Brooks Ensemble!!

Let me just say that again: this is an AMAZING 1960s Donald Brooks ensemble!  And truthfully ladies - and gentleman (we have lots of male readers for the blog so don't want to forget the men!) this piece would never have seen the light of the day on the blog because it would have been comfortably squirreled away in my closet - if it fit.  Damn it! 

Now, did I say yesterday that we were having July in April?  What I meant to say was that we are having August in April here in New York!  And what better choice for August in April then this Donald Brooks ensemble with applied poppies.  The skirt can be worn on its own or with its original tiny top that is covered in poppies with an open back.  The top attaches to the skirt by little tabs on the side.  Very glamorous.  Very haute bohemian.  Very happy.  Very delightful!

You can see that the top is tiny - it will not close on our mannequin - butshe is sort of broad through the back.

Just a note of caution:  while wearing this amazing ensemble, you will be the focus of attention, girls will lust after it and men will lust after you.  If you are looking for something plain, that will blend in, this is definitely not the outfit for you.  But if you are looking for something incredible..!

1960s Donald Brooks ensemble.  Size 2.

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