Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oscar de la Renta January 1969

Jacqueline Kennedy famously wore a Halston backwards because Halston's dresses which, looked very simple, could actually be quite complicated to put on.  

Now, I thought that there was nothing challenging about this ruffled Oscar de la Renta dress.  Just a great dress, beautifully made, each ruffle edged in a thin strip of horsehair, from the 1980s. Wrong!  And wrong again!  So here I sit with the proverbial egg on my face and having to eat crow!  Two cliches in a row!  How frustrated would writing my teacher at Bard be reading this?!  

It is Oscar de la Renta but it is actually a very rare early example of Oscar de la Renta that was featured in Bazaar in January 1969.

We also had the dress on the mannequin backwards!  Seeing the photo, I instantly realized, how great it looks worn properly with a plunging front.  The dress is still available by the way!
Here is the description from Bazaar:

The Spanish ruffle; the International plunge.  Castanet brilliance of silk organza in reds, purples, blues. Flutter lighter than air.  In Gourdon fabric.

And here is the dress at RARE on the mannequin backwards.  Dar!

1969 Oscar de la Renta ruffled dress.  Size 4.  $1400


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  1. Oh...if only I was young again...I would love all those ruffles!



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