Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Comes Around Goes Around

We are having July in April here in New York and with this beautiful warm sunny weather a girl's thoughts turn to the ideal summer wardrobe.  You know the kind of easy, light pieces that you fantasize about having but can never quite find?  Pieces that are pretty, romantic and look good with a great pair of flat sandals?  Something that you can wear in Manhattan but also pack for a trip to Sicily or Greece or a weekend in the Hamptons?

This beautiful linen and lace ensemble is perfect part of the summer wardrobe.  You just need a little light tan, a pair of colorful sandals (or wouldn't this look amazing with the fun Miu Miu shoes covered in daisys or cats?!), a great sheer lipstick and you are good to go.   

Victoria Falls was a vintage store in New York in the 1970s that reworked antique pieces beautifully.  This ensemble is attributed to Victoria Falls by the original owner.  I usually do not buy anything that has been redone and would certainly never redo anything myself but the blouse and the skirt are so beautiful, I could not resist.  And soft!  Not at all a hard, starchy linen.  And since you really would not go around in your great, great, great Aunt's petticoat but you absolutely could put this on (the skirt is lined in layers of linen as well) for a little fun in the sun.

1970s Victoria Falls (attributed) linen and lace ensemble.  Size 4.


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