Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bag It, Borrow It, Steal It and Read It: Avelle!

We all remember the scene in Sex and the City when Carries's new assistant previously unemployed and living with three room mates, walks in with the new Louis Vuitton patchwork denim bowling bag.  Carrie wondered how she could afford it.  So did I as a matter of fact.  It turned out to be a rental from Bag, Borrow or Steal.  Genius!

RARE vintage is all about the timeless, the collectible and the wearable but in every timeless wardrobe there must be the new, the trendy, the coveted.  There must be a mix of old and new.  There must be - whoa, I felt like up I was up on a podium campaigning for change there for moment.  Calm down girl!

There is the investment piece and there is the I can not make up my mind piece.  I actually change my handbag nearly every day because it is a myth that there is one bag who can do it all.  As much as I love my vintage Chanel, I love the new Alexander Wang studded Coco bag too.  I also love, well, I could on and on for days...  So I was thrilled to be asked a bi monthly column for the new Bag, Borrow or Steal: Avelle.  I will be writing about the history of trends so it is basically like the inspiration board designers do each season.  Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez in shorts?  A trend again.  And again.  Shorts are everywhere and will be everywhere next season too.  Check out the cute French gamine look from Jason Wu's resort 2011 collection.  Read on at Avelle!

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