Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Important Collection of Tina Chow: Tanabata Necklace

When the stars align... 

Here is the baby I would love to call my own and tuck into bed at night.  This is the bedtime story I would tell it:
Once upon a time there was a weaver Princess and a herder Prince who lived in the heavens.  They met,  fell in love and soon forgot all about their responsibilites.  The princess ceased weaving and the prince let his herd wander off.   The King became angry and banished them to opposite ends of the Milky Way.  He allowed them to meet just once a year on the Tanabata, the seventh day of the seventh month.  (I guess this is what they mean by star crossed lovers.)  

Tina Chow's spectacular Tanabata necklace consists of twenty two unique rock crystal pebbles, each wrapped in thin strips of bamboo.  

Here is a photo of Tina surrounded by similar pieces:

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