Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Magnificent Gianfranco Ferre Gown

What is magnificent?  Tom Cruise said that Katie Holmes is a magnificent woman.  It's not every day a man calls a woman magnificent.  I am pretty certain that I have never been called magnificent - ahem!  When  I think of magnificence, I think of something epic, something extraordinary, something grand.   When I saw this Gianfranco Ferré gown, I thought, much like Tom Cruise thought of Katie Holmes, that  this was truly magnificent.  

I also understood immediately why Gianfranco Ferré has been called the architect of fashion.   Franca Sozzani the editor of Italian Vogue, said that "in his mind there was a certain ideal kind of woman".  

This a dress for a Helen of Troy.  It is the dress that could launch a thousand ships.  It is ideal beauty and it is magnificent.  

The gown is made from a pleated silk with a formfitting column that is beautifully and dramatically wrapped  in a grand swath of fabric that starts at the bust and continuing around the to the back of the gown ending in a lavish train. 

It is a dress not for a girl but for a woman and it is for the woman who celebrates being a woman. 

There is a fine layer of beaded embroidery around the top of the dress.

This is not the dress for the woman who wants to blend in but for the one who says, I am woman hear me roar! And who knows how to make an entrance!

Price available upon request

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