Thursday, July 15, 2010

Truly, Madly, Deeply: Mad Men, RARE vintage and The Boston Globe

Mad Men's wildly anticipated  fourth season premieres on July 25th and the question is not will Betty marry Henry Francis or will Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce succeed but what will you wear?

There is a decided decadence in watching the Academy Awards in a comfy pair of pajamas with an ice cold bottle of vodka, some wonderful American caviar (I highly recommend American farm raised white surgeon from the American Caviar Company 212.226.5252 or the big, juicy, orange-y red trout caviar which is heavenly and super delicious the morning after with scrambled eggs).  

But for the Mad Men premiere you want to be done.  You want to be stylish.  You want to make an effort.  You want to look like you asked Tom Ford for some sartorial advice.  You will probably still want the caviar but somehow a scotch on the rocks seems more appropriate then a cold glass of vodka or why not have a cup of percolated coffee (which is what everyone drank with dinner back then - ugh!)

Here are some tips I offered to today's Boston Globe  for channeling your own inner Mad Men style.

Here is the dress I would recommend from RARE vintage for a very modern homage to Mad Men.  It is elegant, feminine and in a slightly rebellious shade of lime.  It is for the perfect Hitchcock heroine: cool, sexy, effortlessly glamorous.

 The bodice is draped a la Jean Desses.

1960s unlabeled Italian couture draped silk chiffon dress.  Size 4/6. $

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