Monday, August 16, 2010

Begin the Began: Accessory Week at RARE! Take Your Chanel to Namibia

You stand at the edge of a giant sand dune as the Atlantic Ocean crashes onto the beach, blinking in the bright sun, you see bleached whalebones strewn about and ancient shipwrecks.  You know your journey across the desert, over volcanic mountains and through desolate salt pans has taken you someplace like no other.  Your wardrobe of North Face has kept you protected and comfortable.  Your hiking boots have kept you grounded.  Your lips are dry from the heat of the day.  You take a long cold drink of water and reach into your white 1980s Chanel packback for a tube of Dr. Hauschka's lip balm.  

(You didn't think we would go all the way to Namibia without being practical and  yet ever so stylish did you?!)

 1980s Chanel white lambskin back pack with interlaced chain straps.


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