Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall's Biggest Trend: Leopard!

Unless you have not picked up a single magazine or stepped into a single store recently or looked at the internet in which case means you must be living in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere as a survivalist, you will have noticed that one of the biggest trends for fall is leopard.  

There are leopard jumpsuits (like the one from Lanvin which I can't decide if it is totally wonderful or really horrible), 

leopard boots (I am usually not a huge fan of leopard boots but I am loving the Balmain booties with the perfect heel), there are leopard bags, scarves, belts and skirts.

Of course, we have a lil' something leopard in mind for you!  A vintage 1980s Bill Blass leopard print pony hair skirt.  It is a pencil skirt (which is another fall trend!).  How amazing would this look with, well, the beautiful Jean Louis Scherrer blouse we photographed it with and a pair of the great sexy tough open toed lace up booties.

1980s Bill Blass leopard print pony hair skirt.  Size 6. 


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