Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HALSTON: One Love. One Seam. One Butterfly

The Studio 54 partying side of Halston has long overshadowed the brilliance and innovation of Halston's designs.  Some of his dresses, like the one we will be adding to the blog shortly, you just look at in amazement and wonderment because you can not even imagine how he did it.  

Ralph Rucci who had been an assistant for Halston said that Halston had the ability to take a bolt of chiffon (we're talking about a huge bolt of chiffon)  and, without a pattern, create a bias cut dress that wound its way perfectly and sensuously across the body using just one seam.  Yes kids you read that right: one single seam.  Halston may have been up all night and up to all kinds of things but he could still go to the studio the next day and create a butterfly.

This is the back of the dress which plunges deeply.

The original owner of this dress said she felt like a butterfly when she wore this dress.  In a woodland fairy shade of green, the dress flutters itself against the body.  Beautiful, ethereal, precise this is an Ideal Piece.
Hello Gorgeous!



  1. Love that the plunge is in the back, that the color is unexpected.


  2. Wow, it's stunning. Halston was truly talented when it came to patterns.



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