Saturday, August 21, 2010

To-Dye For!

I just want to thank everyone who came out for our opening show of Joe Eula's fashion illustrations!  Nothing like ice cold rosé from Provence on a hot day, Joe Eula's illustrations for Halston and totally iconic Halston pieces to put everyone in a great mood!!

Halston tie-dyed Ali MacGraw, Babe Paley, Naomi Sims and Liza Minelli.  He liked the sensuous quality of tie-dye.  He tie-dyed chiffon, caftans, velvets, even a hat (wouldn't THAT be amazing to find!).  The Halston tie-dye pieces are pretty much unique works of art.  Each piece is hand done and no two are alike.  These were pieces that were sold only at the Halston boutique.  

How to Tie-Dye: 
(Recipe from Up-Tied, who did the tie-dye pieces for Halston - how is that for authenticity!)

1. Decide on a shape: a rosette, a bunch, a gather, a pleat or a marble and tie with an elastic (which the die will not permeate and can be easily snipped).

2.  Submerge the fabric in simmering (not boiling) dye solution.

3. Length of soaking depends on the fabric.  (Cottons take the longest, silk takes the dye quickly)

4. Run!  Don't drip!! And rinse in cold water.  This could take as many as five rinses.

5. Bedazzle!  Dazzling variations can be created by twisting the elastic around the bunched material and using a medicine dropper or squeeze bottle to drop the dye into folds and crevices of the cloth.

The tie-dye pieces are extremely rare and we are thrilled to be able to offer an amazing crushed velvet tie-dye thirties style pajama by Halston.  The pajama was an evening staple for Haltson and I personally love pajamas so the idea of putting on a silk chiffon or velvet pajama and going out is a dream come true!  And part of the dream is not looking like Julian Schnabel in his pajamas
(well this is the Painter at Rest, a work in progress, so here I approve.  Photo by Annie Leibovitz)

- I completely admire Julian Schnabel's paintings but the whole out and about in your actual pajamas is not my thing.   But out and about in Halston is another story!

An original image:
  Photo by Ormond Gigli

1971 crushed velvet Halston hand tie-dyed pajama ensemble.  
Price available upon request.


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