Sunday, September 26, 2010


A beautiful shade of pale blue was one of Gianni Versace's favorite colors.  He was a great colorist and, a little like Halston, some of the histrionics around Versace have to a certain degree eclipsed the talent and artistry of the designer.  He had his oeuvre which is something many, many designers never achieve.  They may have a moment but do they have a vision?  Do they having staying power?  Do they have more then one or two collections in them?  Gianni Versace showed a metal mesh dress in every collection after 1982. 

So what did Gianni do with a somewhat aggressive material like metal mesh Oroton?  He made it in an Easter egg shade of baby blue and overlaid it with a fine delicate lace.  

 Early 1990s Gianni Versace pale blue with lace overlay metal mesh Oroton Dress. Size 4/6
 Price available upon request.


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  1. Oh gosh is this ever glorious! I love the juxtaposition of lace and metal mesh.



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