Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Mirror of the Soul: Emi's Comma by Tina Chow

Malachite reflects the feelings of its owner, negative or positive it reaches within and shows us as we are.  Feeling negative?  Don't wear malachite!  Feeling positive  and wanting to release yourself from past traumas?  Wear malachite.  And even if you do not believe in the healing properties of crystals, its essence is there and who knows what good things it can zap you or those around you with!  Tina Chow who designed this malachite pendant, Emi's Comma,  wanted her pieces to "zap people" with good energy.   I love the idea of the grumpy amongst us being subliminally zapped with positive thoughts.  

I also love the divine simplicity of this pendant.  All sensuous shape and organic beauty, it celebrates the pattern of the stone.  It is high design, fashion mingling with meaning and promotes inner peace and hope.  How many pieces of jewelry can that be said of?   How we miss Tina Chow and wonder what she would have gone on to create!

 Tina Chow malachite Emi's Comma Pendant.

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  1. thanks for sharing all these lovely designs of tina chow.



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