Thursday, September 9, 2010

Warhol, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf at RARE vintage!

I have always loved art and have always thought of fashion as an art form.  Sometimes it is art we can wear, sometimes it is an art we can collect and often for our clients it is a bit of both.  Sometimes we don't know whether to wear it or frame it!  Can we wear it and then frame it?!  

So, instead of thinking of myself as a fashion dealer, I think of myself as more of an art dealer.  And, ahem, excuse me, but we have works by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf at RARE (24 West 57th Street in The New York Gallery Building- see, all these art connections!) and on 1stdibs this week.  Well, if you are going to be an art dealer you might as well represent the best right?!  Okay, maybe I should just say these are not paintings, not drawings but clothing - I know, you are thinking, this just keeps getting better and better!  

Andy Warhol Camoflage for Stephen Sprouse Sequin Dress 1988
 "Stephen Sprouse is the only fashion designer to have gotten the Warhol Foundations blessing to utilize Warhol's artwork as prints in his collection." The Stephen Sprouse Book

Keith Haring Graffiti Print for Stephen Sprouse Dress 1988

"(Keith) Haring was well known to the uptown crowd, the prints of his work lent an urbane edge rather then an urban one."  The Stephen Sprouse book

 Kenny Scharf for Stephen Sprouse

"His (Stephen Sprouse) paintings went hand in hand with his fashion designs.  Everything was intertwined and he could take it anywhere he wanted to.  It was a totality of vision." - Debbie Harry from The Stephen Sprouse Book 

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