Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1976 Chanel Haute Couture Beaded Cardigan and Skirt

Just back from The French Hand Laundry in California (otherwise known as our neighborhood dry cleaner - just three thousand miles away!  So you see the lengths I will go in my search for perfection for RARE!), restored, refreshed and re-pleated is this incredible Chanel haute couture runway ensemble. 

Here is an original image from 1976 - and most likely it was in fact this ensemble.

I love the glossy happiness and sexiness of this image (who said you have to be bare to be sexy?!) and The Dude in the sunglasses at the piano.

The long cardigan is fully and gloriously beaded and quite heavy.  (You can sneak in a little work out whilst in your couture!) The skirt is pleated in tiny double pleats.  Couture craziness!  The FHL left these with a stitch to secure the pleat which is to be removed  before wearing.  Mais bien sur!  The devil is in the details!  Or is it the petites mains are in the details... or is it that the FHL is in the details!

How beautiful would this be for a very special black tie event in the winter?!   You will look like a Snow Princess... a Chanel Snow Princess that is!

Glossy red lips not required but how fabulous will they  look with this?!  FABULOUS!

1976 Chanel haute couture ensemble.  Runway sample.  Size 4.


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