Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Mademoiselle Roche

Because woman (and man) can not live by vintage fashion alone (though we may try!)  we also live by fashion inspiration.  And we are not alone.  In a 1964 issue of Harpers's Bazaar there is an article on the "Fashion Independent: Mademoiselle Roche".  I was initially captured by Mademoiselle Roches's face (not conventionally model pretty but beautiful AND interesting, her earrings and the little man's scarf tied around her neck.  Peggy Roche was a model of the couture ( I am not sure which houses she modeled for) and in 1964 was a fashion editor of Elle magazine.  Bazaar writes that she was fond of the le jeune homme look wearing a jaunty boys' cap with a striped scarf and a pair of brogues.  She looks completely modern and unique.

She was fascinated with eclectic fashion (like us) and experiments with contrasts.  Here are the images from Bazaar.  Thank you Mademoiselle Roche for the fashion inspiration!

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