Thursday, November 4, 2010

Métiers: Featherwork

Stephen Sprouse worked for Halston in the early 1970s.  In fact, some of Halston's designs were in fact Stephens.  Many people think of Stephen Sprouse as a club kid fashion designer but he was a great fashion designer and artist.  His mini dresses worn by Debbie Harry were very rock and roll and perfect for a night of dancing but they were also beautifully made.  And original.  Stephen had a unique vision.

Here is a beautiful column dress covered in feathers that have been stripped down to the tip.  There is a slight iridescent sheen to the dress because of the feathers and the feathers are tremblant  and move joyfully around the body.  This is a very happy and fun dress.  It is very glamorous as well and as it is Stephen Sprouse, he used an unconventional techno fabric for the dress.   Perfect for having a standout dress at a party!

1990s Stephen Sprouse Feathered Dress.  Size 4/6


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