Thursday, November 11, 2010

We No Speak Americano

Let me just set the mood for a moment:
Yolanda Be Cool 

Here is another 1960s PVN (if you don't know what that means look at our previous post) by Anna Campastro in black silk with beaded flowers and a beaded fringe at the hem.  The dress is lined in silk and zippers at the side.  Perfect for parties, Campari and soda, Prosecco in a Piazza, un bacio sotto le stelle and for speaking the International language of love and that's amore!!

1960s Anna Campastro  Black Silk Cocktail Dress.  Size 4/6.



  1. Hi Susanne
    All of the pieces are available at our store and we ship internationally.
    RARE vintage
    24 West 57th Street
    Fifth floor
    New York



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