Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boardwalk Empire

This is a face a mother could love:

And this is the face of the mother:

So dowdy don't you think?!  Poor thing!  Oh if they only had used eye cream back in those days!☺  Well, she is nine whole years older then him.

I have been thoroughly enjoying everything about Boardwalk Empire: the costumes, the actors with such perfect faces for the period, the sets - I don't know if you have been to any of those huge, surely haunted and beautiful old buildings that are empty now along the New Jersey shore, and of course, the amazingly talented Steve Buscemi (can anyone say Golden Globe?)  So with the sadness of the season being over and the expectation for next  I thought I would post this Pauline Trigere which was inspired by a flapper's dress.  You know people will be having Boardwalk Empire themed parties and here is the perfect dress to wear.

The dress is made from black chiffon and strips of pink lamé velvet.  The waist is slightly dropped.  It is actually perfect for a holiday party and you can take it out again for season two of Boardwalk Empire!

Pauline Trigere pink lamé velvet and black chiffon dress.  Size 6.

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