Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He's Not from Indiana for Nothing: Norman Norell

So declared Amercian Vogue in 1972 of Norman Norell.  Really, I am not sure what that means but anyway that is what Vogue said and I guess they know their Indianans (which comes as a total surprise to me but Diana Vreeland was gone and Grace Mirabella was in as Editor in 1972 and she probably had more of a feel for a boy from Indiana then Mrs. Vreeland would have had.)

Minimalism rules right now.  American designers, I am sad to say, have been perhaps too deeply influenced by Phoebe Philo for Celine for their 2011 prefall collections.  I think we want to see not a watered down version of what she does for the House of Celine but something unique and personal to each designer.  But that is the great talent of Phoebe Philo and why I think she will be considered a visionary designer because she not only changed the way we want to dress, she made so many others follow her lead.

Norman Norell was an early minimalist.  Clean lines and perfect tailoring is the hallmark of Norell.   He is considered one of the best  Amercian designers.  It is perhaps not surprising that Michelle Obama chose Norman Norell to wear for a First Lady's first in wearing vintage.  His designs are timeless, classic and still modern.  

This navy jersey dress is classic Norell.  It can take you from the office to an office party to a cocktail party to an elegant dinner out.  Just a usual night out for us Manhattan girls this time of year.  So have fun, look amazing, wear to collect and collect to wear!

Navy jersey Norman Norell dress.  Size 4.  Fitted at the waist.  Zips up the back.  


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